Oop's House

Just when you think your gonna get an easy one! Check out these photo’s and let me know your thoughts,I can only guess what the builder was thinking.

  1. Sump pump relocated from the bottom of basement stairs.

  2. Pilaster located along back wall, Also notice the direction of the floor joist above.

3.Wood beam exposed to the outside.

Picture 232 (Small).jpg

Picture 237 (Small).jpg

Picture 236 (Small).jpg

Faming Contractor said that you needed 8" bearing for main support.

Amazing isn’t it? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:


Kevin and Marcel,

Picture 237:

Not to much one can do about sump, other than relocating or relocating the stairs. Is it a deal breaker? Not likely, but poor thinking on builder and or trades.

Picture 236:

This Pilaster maybe perfectly acceptable and I base that on what appears to be solid grouting as exposed at top of pilaster. Grade; is the soil to top of foundation or a foot or so below rim joist?

How old is this house, it does not appear to be new?

Picture 232:

I have seen beams pocketed in this manner and exposed. If there is no significant deterioration then it should be capped so as to prevent weathering.


What kind of cover (ie: metal,wood,etc.) is over the sump pit?

The pilaster looks as if it is bowed inward, top to bottom to me, hopefully that is an optical illusion. I’m also noticing a vertical crack/seperation on the right side, just bellow top coarse of uncapped block. Is that typical?

I’ve never seen laminated (or any other type) beams pocketed/saddled in the foundation like this one. How old is the structure? Wonder how this got past the local BID framing or final inspections. I know you have Termites and other WDO concerns in OH., maybe not as bad as here in Ga., but how was this missed, and evidence of previous or active infestations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen worse conditions and design/installation flaws than these, but it is amazing that this type of work continues to show up, time and time again.
And they worry about “H/I’s” doing their jobs. They better start reviewing and questioning BID’s.


I was being sarcastically humorist or trying. ha. ha.

It appears that the building design was changed mid-stream and created these scenarios. The stairs were move from the original design intent and the framing configuration was dealt with the same way.
Extending the floor girder to the outside elements is a bad idea and an after thought that did not show any respect to the actual consequences.


Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Raymond and Greg, this home is 13 years old and the old sump pit is filled solid with concrete, and the end of the beam thats outside of the block was buried with mulch.I also recommended to the buyer to keep it clear of the mulch and apply a coat of paint.

Kevin L. Saunders

Clear View Home Inspection, LLC
NACHI Member

I try to stay away with recommendations like that .
This could be just a bit above my knowledge and the legality .
I think I might have passed this on to _( Recommend immediate repair by qualified person ) .
You could be correct but what about if there is some
( Inside where it might not get a chance to have dried out ). decay in where you can not see or test.
Transfer the liability I think.
I try not to squirm away but in this case I would .
Roy Cooke


Yes after my post I too thought the layout had been changed. As to the beam it certainly is load bearing, eh? The full 8"! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Doesn’t it seem like there is always a new one to have us thinking?
Isn’t the Home Owner mind just a wonderful thing?
Hey. It keeps us busy so I guess we should not knock it. Right?

It is a learning Experience.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I thought the layout had been changed also
I have seen something that has looked like this before
It was a new house that was built on a old foundation. Because the original one had burnt. Before the new frame had been built the foundation was scrubbed and painted to seal any smoke smell that would be in the blocks.
And looking at # 2 picture it may have been painted prior to framing