Custom Business Apparel

Hello everyone. I’m just curious if anyone has any suggestions on a good company that I can use to get my Logo put on a polo shirt and hat.


We have had pretty good experiences with LogoUp

Thanks a lot gentlemen.

Support your local embroidery/apparel shops. They have good choices and it’s easy to deal with a local provider.


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Flexy is a chain store in most malls that will do custom printing. They show you on their monitor for your approval. Do some shopping, pick up when you leave.

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Thanks a lot.

Queensboro does a great job.

I second this. Their sales can be amazing too. I bought 5 polos and a hooddie, both under armor, a waterproof jacket, a fleece, and some other random trinkets for all under $300 around Christmas.

i had an excellent experience with

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