Crazy Cyber Monday at Queensboro

If you need some branded shirts with your logo this is the place to go and right now the sale is awesome. I just made my forth order and they have never disappointed.

Please use my link, you will get $20 off and I’ll will get a bonus too. Thanks.
Custom Embroidered Shirts, Polos & Promo Items - Queensboro


Queensboro is an AWESOME company, whom I have used for years.

I recently ordered a jacket to replace an old one I had ordered from them previously, but when it arrived it was not the quality I had expected. I called them and it turned out I had not ordered the same jacket. They found my old order and GAVE me the better quality jacket, free of charge, without even being asked to.

Thanks, Dave!

I bought 4 T-Shirts, 2 hats, and a fleece pullover for about $50. All embroidered with my logo. The embroidery is not as good as my local person, but not bad for the price.