Work shirts w/ logo

Jeff Jonas provided a site last year that sold work shirts but I lost the link. What firms do you guys use?

I like what Jeff’s vendor offered. If you read this can you provide the link again Jeff.


I have gotten my shirts from and vistaprint

Trust me… buy dry fit. Have a local embroider do the work for your logo.

I’ve been using for years. Good stuff!

I have about 5 of these shirts. I got them from Sam’s Club for about $16 each. I had my local embroider put my logo on them. I tried to find a link from Sam’s and couldn’t.

These shirts are great and light weight.

I understand the desire to wear dry fit shirts, but it is recommended to wear cotton shirts in case of arc flash.

Keep safe!

Dry fit shirts will also snag easily, found out the hard way. There is some real nice cotton shirts now, really comfortable.

Here you go Jeff…


Thanks for all of the replies and thank you Jeff for the link.

I recently ordered some polo shirts from Queensboro and received them in 5 days. No extra charge. They got faster since my last order 2 years ago.