Cut beam

I thought this was an act of stupidity.

I reported as improperly cut.


I disagree with the statement the beam is “improperly cut.” If the cut was made per an engineer’s specification and/or detailing it may be fine. I agree it should be noted in the inspection report, but to state it is “improperly cut” isn’t accurate, in my opinion.

Ingenious. If you can’t work around the i-beam cut through it. :wink:

One of the anagrams for ingenious is *I no genius. :wink:

I agree with Curtis, improperly cut is the wrong term. It’s a bit close to the flange for my comfort level - the upper flange is in compression - but depending on its design strength, it may be okay.

I may have walked right past this, but if I felt it was questionable, I would have simply deferred it for review or evaluation.

As stupid as this co-ordination effort looks like, the burnt cut out in this beam did not weaken it that much as one would expect.
Although not a common practice to burn holes in beams to provide a door opener, I would not note that it was improperly done unless it was on record that it was not recommended by the structural Engineer to do so. In most cases, you will find the the door installer took it upon himself with the owners agreement to cut the whole.

Report what you see with no comment as to whether it is correct or not. Don’t guess, recommend further evaluation at that point.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Looks like another covered beam behind it.
Maybe that steel one was added for a remodel job above.

I doubt it!

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Mine from today.


that looks just like my father inlaws screen porch. were you in Derry??? don’t steel my clients:mad: :mrgreen: :wink:

From the picture, unless it is an illusion, it appears that a check crack has already started at the base of the electrical box.
But don’ worry, they added solid blocking to beef it up.

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