Hole in steel I beam

Does anyone have info on holes through the web of an I beam. I only have info for I-Joists and dimensional lumber.

That hole does almost nothing to compromise the integrity of that steel beam thought technically they are supposed to be cut only under the direction of an structural engineer.

Move along.:wink:

That’s what I was thinking. Just wanted to make sure though. Thanks Mike.

I’d still like some reference material though if anyone has any.

It’s really an engineering decision.


Looks like they did a nice job on cutting the hole. I would make a note on it and refer them to an engineer to ok it.

Refer an engineer?

Protect your self pass this decesion on.

Steel I beam has been compromised please have this evaluated by a qualified person.

How about this

There was a hole in the web of a structural I-Beam. It’s structural integrity did not appear to be compromised but these beams should only be cut under the direction of a structural engineer. If this concerns you, you should have it evaluated by a structural engineer.

What is it holding up? is there any sign of sag? how do you know it was not engineered? how long has it been there? was it done with a torch ? if so then it could have weaken it
No problem present nothing to report .

Too busy and I expect agood lawyer could destroy you .
I would not make that decesion .

So what would you write?

How was the hole made? torch or drill?

Steel I beam has been compromised please have this evaluated by a qualified person.

It appeared to have been a drill. Sharp edges ad stuff. There was nothing connected to either end of that PVC

Has it though? How do you know?

It was not made with a hole in so it is no longer original.

It could be fine but I do not want to be the one who says it OK .
Where do you draw the line if the hole was just a little larger ,or a lot larger or if they had three holes .

No way do I want to make the decesion .

It was likely for wires or plumbing if you see any problems then write it up. is this new or old Juan ? Personally if i seen this and no scorch marks i would move on if it has been there for any length of time

I have seen holes cut through beams many times ,Never seen a engineer involved ever. depending what is above it and load . if it is parking or heavy loads and it worries you then write it up

Just the floor above. What do you write in your reports when you see it?

I personally would not write anything out it unless it had physical damage from a torch or sagging was present . stronger than a wood beam