Cut ceiling joist

Most ceiling joist have been cut, some have been toe nailed together others were just left cut. My question is do you guys believe that the way they have been joined is sufficient? Further evaluation by a structural engineer? Small cracks were visible in the ceilings and some sagging along the ridge was visible from the exterior.


Was there a bearing wall under the splice?
Looks like you have a wire lathe ceiling on one side of the splice and drywall on the other.
Proper review and inspection of the area would be necessary to comment properly.
There is a differential in height of the framing indicating something going on.


Good points Marcel.

Yacdiel. Do you have a close up shot of the insulation or material atop the Kraft paper?

Hey @ryoung7 I don’t have a picture but the only thing that was there was HVAC ductwork. Attic had no insulation.

Modern nailing schedule for lapped joists is three16d in one side and two in the other and a toenail through each joist into the top plate. This obviously obviously predates modern construction, but no, it looks like sloppy work, which knows no time limits.


Questions in relation to the photos.

  1. What is the metal mesh from? Maybe from plaster application? I’ve never scene it exposed in an attic before.
  2. In the final picture, I see the joist resting and doesn’t seem to be secured at the end. Looks to be a new construction of sorts below?

While noticing the joists is just resting, maybe its resting onto the structural beam, and could be wrapped with the metal mesh?

Thank you in advance

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