Cut engineered floor trusses

These trusses have been cut and the top cord is resting on the top of the beam the bottom cords are not anchored in any way. This is in the center of the room and was done to 15 trusses. There is no sign of an engineer approved field modification. I know there are some trusses that can be trimmed up to 12 inches but these do not appear to be of that type. 2005 construction. Opinions?

Thompson 035.jpg

Thompson 033.jpg

Thompson 034.jpg

It’s not a cut truss, it’s just a truss that bears on the top chord. It looks funny the first time you see it, but it was designed this way.

Thanks Andrew, I wanted to be sure.

I knew I saw a better picture of this… and I finally found it. Take a look at post #10 by Mr. Beaumont

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