Cut Truss

This truss in the attached image looks like it was cut to get the new air-handler installed in the attic 2 years ago. Would anyone consider it overkill to refer this to a structural engineer for evaluation?

Why would you not?

I’m not being a wise guy … but I am genuinely wondering under what circumstances I would not write up an altered truss (without approval by an engineer) as a material defect and I cannot think of one.

The Truss design capacity has been compromized by the alteration and a design drawing for repairs needs to be done by a qualified truss engineer.



Get a load at these cut joists that I have been finding down here in Tn.

The I-joists are probably fine, see chart here. The dimensional joist is not.
Floor trusses can be cut if the manufacturer’s recommendations are followed. Roof trusses should never be cut without a correctional design by a structural engineer.

Nice pics John. I’ve not seen anything that bad yet under a house, of course I don’t get that much business. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the info.

Why not just have a carpenter replace what is cut out?

As long as the Carpenter knows what he is doing. :):wink:

Don’t you just love TN :stuck_out_tongue: