Cut off vent stacks?

I’m looking for verbage to write up, letting the owner know that,
there is a concern about snow and rain, getting into these vent stacks.

do these cut off vent stacks look like a problem to you?

Yep, It’s a problem. If the stacks are PVC then the expansion and contraction factors are not going to work with these “boots”. Cold days and Hot water in the DWV will make that vent stack move and possibly open up the “seal” at that boot and just may allow moisture / snow/ water in the attic area…

Six inches from the roof surface is the minimum and 10 inches in cold climates to prevent frost issues / blockage

Steven, why did you break them off?:wink:

10" or 6" above projected snowfall, some jurisdictions may vary.

Check with AHJ for your area.

Up here we need 4’ :mrgreen: just kidding. 2’ here is normal

Thanks guys, I will make them aware of the height they should be, and why.

Actually, I just tripped over them while I was up there, and they broke off;)

thanks again,