Cut Steel I-beam

Are these cut too deep? In photo 2 (above door I couldn’t close), it appears steel reinforcement is welded, at least first one.

Now where is that engineer’s hat when I need it?..* know it’s around here somewhere. :D*

You can cut out some of the vertical web of a steel beam, but not the horizontal flanges. It would be like completely cutting out the top or bottom piece of wood on an I-Joist. The “reinforcement” will do next to nothing. Is that sagging already? That is pretty bad … :shock:

I agree, the reinforcement doesn’t look like it will do much of anything.

Sagging, or you referring to the beam or floor structure as in photo 3 of the house?

You took the words right out of my mouth. :mrgreen:

Meaning were you able to sight along the bottom of the cut beam.

And photo #3 does look a little like the overhead door lintel beam might be sagging too … or maybe thats just an optical delusion … :wink:

I was not able to determine that. Also ceiling was covered with foam insulation so none of the floor joist were visible.

This in an approx. 40 yr. old addition to original house. Of course the overhead doors and “modified” beams are much newer.

I think it could take another inch of whacking and not be anything I’d mention…:shock:

Didn’t want to spring the extra bucks for a Wayne Dalton…hell, lets just ruin the house, we saved $300.00…or maybe it costs some idiot more than that to have another idiot cut the I-Beam and weld a chunk of the ole-addies wheelchair to the sliced Beam…

I’ve seen that more than I can remember, but I always tried to ask the owners what was going through their mind, back in the good ole days when people lived in the Shaqs we inspect…now we’re just talking to ourselves…the buyers don’t even bother going to the inspections 3/4’s of the time…

Lonely out there Chris…thank goodness I don’t spect many Shaqs anymore…I “heart commercial inspections”—:smiley:

Ya Dale another inch would have done it.

Done what? Added “scrap metal” to the garage floor … along with wood, carpet, sheetrock, dressers, fish tanks, pictures … :mrgreen:

All kidding aside, they probably reduced the strength of that beam by a factor of 10 or more, and it can be really dangerous … :shock:

Thanks Robert, that’s the way I was leaning. Actually 3 beams were butchered.