Cut the cheese, not the joist!

This “plumber” never hear’d of Joist Hangers? Or termites, either! :twisted:

Hey, it was 3:30 and he didn’t want to run to the lumberyard…at least he supported the cut joist…many plumbers wouldn’t have done even that.

:shock: around here i would be more concerned about the termites if i had to choose my poison. :smiley:

Reckon Texas termites are mucho bigger and badder then our wimpy west coast woodbiters. I think they go for the wet wood first around here, where it’s all dry wood on the menu down your way.:wink:

Don’t give them the wrong impression about our plumbers, they can run a sawzall as well as any of our termites can chew wood…and pretty good at crapentry…connecting pipe is a different story




It’s not always just plumbers, some times it’s the sub the builder uses.


Thread drift :mrgreen:

Party pooper! :mrgreen: