Notched Floor Joist

Ready for drywall…

My, my, my…what can ya say??..

Before you drywall, spray some bleach on that black stuff and you should be good to go.

Joe, has that been like this since they upgrade the brass piping to copper.??
The plumbers did not have sawsalls back then. ha. ha.
:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Please tell us, this isn’t your home . . . your photos remind me of the second home my wife and I purchased . . . almost identical . . . ended up remodeling . . . . oh, and we didn’t know anything about home inspectors (abt 1982).

Wow, now THAT is bad!

How many things are wrong here?

  1. Joist cut
  2. Mold
    3.Flooring damaged
    4.Corrosion on copper pipe
    5.Water leak

Did I miss any?

It should be illegal for Plumbers to own a SawZall.

Now why would I totally agree with that statement. LOL

Marcel :wink:


That is some kind of nasty celulosic damage. The joist and the underlayment. What else is going on to that structure?