Cut trusses and truss plate detachment

Here are some pics from todays inspection (39 year old house) showing cut trusses and truss plate detachment. Head scratcher, not obvious why they cut the trusses or what caused the plate detachment.


I have no idea why the trusses were cut, but most truss damage is caused by roofers dropping 70 lb. bundles of shingles onto the roof from shoulder height damaging the truss.

Not an engineer here but those repairs are not even close to being acceptable

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Maybe cannibalizing two damaged trusses to make one?

Thanks for sharing.

Various pieces/parts of some of the trusses look twisted and bowed. Possible they were saturated when installed and bowed after the fact.

Was damaged trusses a call out on a previous inspection and what you showed here was a result of a contractors “repair” of said call out?

No previous inspection. I could tell from the insulation I was the only person that had been in the attic for a long time. The detached truss plates were at the same location on every truss of this configuration. All the other plates were good. The trusses over the garage were good, but were configured differently. I noticed the twisted member. But no other signs of twisting was found on these trusses. This top chord is in compression. There only way IMO for this to happen the roof had to be pushed inward. Only on the front of the house. :thinking: