What you say about these defects in the framing of the attic?


Hi Buck,

I’d say its FUBAR’d, I’d be recommending a qualified framing contractor as a minimum, thats “Harry” work, between the miserable connections and the splitting timbers it looks like it could let go at any time.



I agree Gerry, this has got to be the worse hack job created by Joe the Plumber or his friend that I have seen in a while. :):smiley:

Thanks! Gerry, that is exactly what I did.

Hey Gerry we talked about this yesterday-first time I’ve seen framing added to trusses.

Preysz 071909 077 (Small).jpg

Preysz 071909 076 (Small).jpg

Preysz 071909 081 (Small).jpg

That’s a Hillbilly Truss. :mrgreen:


Still trying to figure out whats going on there John, like I said I’d love to see the engineered plans for that set up;)




A lot of the problem is due to extremely poor quality lumber and not great quality workmanship. What failure did you see in the roof system? Sagging rafters?

It’s obviously ugly and the split rafter and purlin brace should be sistered, but I see a purlin system that looks mostly correct for what appears to be the time period. Braces every other rafter, a strongback with a bad spot that had an extra brace thrown in to support it. It looks like it’s been that way for a long time. So aside from ugliness and some areas that need some work, did you see a lot of failure?

Kenton, I am with Gerry, still trying to figure it out. So far the last pic appears to be a dormer built onto the main roof and it is not done to standards. Should have had sheathing over the main roof or have had dormer trusses.
This has got to be the most screwed up framing mixture of trusses and field built add-ons that I have ever seen.


Hi Marcel,

To me, John,s photos look like someone tied in a smaller roof using conventional framing. Usually in the frameover they sheath the lower roof first, but I don’t think it’s necessary. The flat boards carrying the bottoms of the conventional rafters just need to be strong enough.

I know it looks crazy, but was probably just cheaper to finish out the framing of this smaller roof using conventional framing instead of ordering trusses. The cuts on the conventional rafter don’t look too bad. Those look like gun nails. Framing this wierd has to be about saving money.

It’s a new build, looks like dynamic design. I had to call it and let someone else determine if the flat boards a strong enough. :wink: