Cut Rafters??

I wouldn’t question if this was a defect or not if it was only one rafter. This condition was prevalent throughout the roof structure. Home was built in 1972. Any ideas?

That’s a defect if only one rafter was spliced like that. What is going on there?

Yep…curious. :shock:

I agree. If it was one rafter I would right it up as a defect no questions asked. With so many like this I’m hoping to get some feedback from the masses on what is going on.

Thanks Brad.

I think they are overdue for repair. They’re all separating at the splices.

No doubt they are separating. One unsupported scarf joint is a defect…more than one is a disaster.:cool:

What were they thinking? Oh, I know the answer to that.

Jeez, probably the knee wall is the only thing keeping it from total collapse.


The trusses have been damaged as seen in the attic, this ia a violation of the Florida Building Code for Existing Buildings as trusses/rafters are not to be “cut, notched, drilled, spliced or otherwise altered in any way” unless approved by a RDP (registered design professional engineer).

Ya gotta love the house movers.

Improper splices, major structural defects! SE to raaas!

Thanks for all the feed back.

Doesn’t look as though that knee wall is supporting anything anyway.