Cut valley to weave

Gable roof has a cut valley for nearly the entire valley. About 6 feet up from the roof edge, the valley transitions to a weave.

Laminated/Architectural shingles are installed and most manufacturers don’t recommend or allow for woven valley installation.

I’m concerned about the change in the valley installation leading to water issues. The wood soffit and fascia at the end of this valley already show water issues. What are your thoughts on this valley installation method. image image image

Like most manufacturers as you say, I don’t care for it… :-1:

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Very poor installation, looks like weekend warrior roofing.

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Thanks for the help guys! Always seeing new things on each inspection and appreciate all the help with the learning!

That’s not a woven roof. The shingles from one side cross onto the adjacent roof and are tucked under shingles on the adjacent roof. In the last photo, look closely at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th courses up from the bottom where it’s more obvious.
My thoughts are that it’s poor work.
" The lower portion of this valley appeared to have been installed by those not familiar with good building practice. The Inspector observed evidence of roof leakage below this area, and recommends correction by a qualified roofing contractor to help prevent future damage from roof leakage."