Cutler Hammer panel double taps

Inspected a home built in 2003, the Cutler hammer panel had 2 circuits double-tapped. These are both CH 20 amp tandem breakers. In the pic, the top half of the tandem is doubled. It looks to me there is a “saddle” clamp that could hold 2 conductors, but the conductors are actually under the screw, not in the clamp. I can’t determine if this is rated for double conductors, if it’s installed correctly, or if I’m just seeing things.


This is what it looks like, Andy:


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What’s the big deal?
It’s a flippin’ double tapped breaker that ain’t designed for it… Yep!
Man ! Well ! We will wait until next week for the same question.
Write it up!

So you called out the shared neutral above it. Don’t know that it is, but it certainly looks that way.

CB not listed for two conductors, write it up. :sunglasses:

But it says 2 pole right on :joy:

yes thats a joke

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With Cutler Hammer breakers the plastic foot breaker is listed for two conductors. The older metal feet breakers are not.

Thank you - That’s the answer I needed. I had not heard or read that about the CH breakers before.

According to CH the BD2020 is listed for one conductor:

Wait until next week? If is is late Saturday night maybe we will have to wait until next week.