Double Tapped Breaker clarifiction

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I did a 4 Point today and found a Cutler-Hammer breaker with a double-tap. The breaker is labeled a “1 Pole Unit”. I think I am correct in calling out this as a deficiency, however the last Inspector that did a 4 Point here (2005) labeled it as a legitimate breaker rated for two conductors, in other words…he passed it. Please advise if you have a moment

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That particular CH breaker is not listed for two conductors. It has nothing to do with being a 1-pole breaker.

Brad is spot on… as usual :wink:

Sorry, I agree with the other inspector. CH breakers are listed for two conductors.

Jim, as far as I concerned, you’re the expert electrician here who freely helps out.
All CH are OK, or you can determine by the pic presented?

I am seeing the conductors on each side of the screw head under a clamp plate. The side of the breaker should also be marked.

It is a type CH. It is rated for two conductors under the plate. See specifications tab here:
CH120 Eaton Cutler-Hammer 1P 20A 120V Breaker

Thanks for posting the documentation.

Thanks Jim.
Pic too dark for me to see the clamp.

You don’t see the clamp plate because there is no clamp plate. The conductors are secured directly under the screw head.

I think I would want to see the breaker label before I decided it’s OK as is.

I guess I will eat a little crow on this inspection. But at the end of the day, its my (our) #1 job to “get it right”. I appreciate the documentation you supplied Michael, I amended my original report and re-sent. This forum is amazing in the ability to get experienced perspectives on tricky stuff like this. Thank you all for responding

Sorry guys. This has been discussed many times. The older CH breakers with metal claw feet are not listed for two conductors. These have the conductor terminate under the screw head. The CH breaker that IS listed for two conductors has a plastic claw foot and the conductors terminate under a compression clamp well below the screw.

You were right. Why eat crow?

This is the termination point of a CH listed for two conductors.

Now you need to change it back to what you started with