Double tap in cutler hammer?

Hello everyone, I have a question whether the cutler hammer breaker pictured is OK or call it out as a double tap ? I have read most of the threads on here regarding this topic but none seem to give a clear answer. If anyone has a clear answer please let me know. It’s a CH type breaker. Thank you for the help.

From what I’ve seen only the Square D ones have the breaker set up to run 2 circuits. They will have two separate channels to support two circuits.

This would be a double tap noted, further evaluation by a qualified contractor is recommended.

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It is not okay, Yacdiel…none of those in your pictures pictures.

It needs to look like this:

And this is how you can tell on the breaker, if visible:


Excellent photo quality! That particular model breaker is not designed for 2 wires, so it is a double tap. Cutler hammer does manufacture(or previously did, do not know if they still do) a breaker that would accept 2 wires.

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The circuit breaker would need to be listed for two conductors to be code compliant if installed like in the photo’s. Having said that the two conductors of the same size terminated in the last photo will probably last about 100 years without failure.


This one particularly said 1pole on the marking so I’m guessing that means it isn’t listed for 2 conductors ? I’m familiar with identifying the square D ones but I’m not sure what to look for when it comes to the cutler hammer ones. Even though what Larry mentioned helps, I’m wondering if there’s anything else on the breaker that may let me know it’s listed for 2 conductors.

The label clearly states 1 pole unit

Square D breakers do not, as you said, “Run 2 circuits” or “Support two circuits” unless it is a tandem breaker. A tandem breaker, whether Square D or any other brand, will supply two circuits.

That identifies it as being a single pole. It has nothing to do with the number of conductors it is designed to accommodate.


Is there anything in particular that you are aware of that will identify the cutler hammer breakers that are rated for 2 conductors ? I have seen the square D ones like the one in the picture that clearly says it is rated for 2 conductors but I have never seen a cutler hammer one so not sure if it will be clearly marked as that one is or if there is something else that might help me identify it.

You’re right on. You have gotten great advice in this thread. Will it result in failure? Unlikely. However it is still improper and should be called out as a defect.

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Cutler Hammer has one style of breaker that accepts two wires at the termination, although I don’t have a solid picture of that termination. I believe it is shaped like this. (Notice that the termination is flat across the top and then curves down to accept the two wires whereas the SQ. D is straight across the termination then goes up a little and finally down…kind of like wings.) :

And they put the information on the side of the breaker…duh:

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Good question, it is sometimes tough to get consensus on an answer, hope this helps

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Like the others said , Only Square D is approved for such a connection.

Did you see the chart that Matt posted for Cutler Hammer Type CH?

Yes and after investigation both are rated for two wires,though it is a single pole and as such both circuits cannot draw more amperage than stated on the breaker. Soooo This should be called out as having a qualified electrician to evaluate as this is beyond the home inspectors scope of work.