Damage to Window from Water Intrusion

Water was getting into the home through the windows and can you share with me the extent of this damage. What they will have to do to fix the problem from the interior after the source of water intrusion has been addressed. The window sill has swelled and is damaged. The tile below the sill is separating.

Secondly, water is getting in at the bathroom and this is not due to condensation as the client saw water getting in through the nail where the blinds are installed. The side of the window is damaged at the frame.

Bubbling drywall, I think this may be caused by moisture in the bathroom, but why is it only in one place?

Thank you,
Mike, To Home Inspect LLC

Nobody can determine the extent of the damage or the scope of repair work until they start removing damaged materials. There is a good possibility of wood rot and potential for mold, not to mention root cause determination and correction.

This is one of those occasions where you want to advise further assessment as to the scope of damage and needed repair/remediation, because you can’t determine it within the scope of a home inspection.

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Like Chuck said, it is hard to say what will need to be done.

Refer it out to a Qualified Contractor for repairs as needed from water intrusion and damage. :smile:

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