Damp Crawl Space

**I inspected a wet crawl space, on wall had negative grading, and some of the ducts had an organic substance. My remedy is to cover the access door and move to the inside of house, seal the stem wall, correct negative grade, dry the crawl space with fan, install a vapor barrier, and insulate the joist? Are there any suggestions to prevent moisture or change some of the suggestion I have made.

What if…they do everything you “suggested” and the problem does not go away or even gets worse?

I would suggest you report the current conditions of the crawlspace and leave it up to someone else to fix the problem. Its not your job to tell them how to fix it.

Over 75% of basement/crawl space moisture is due to problems outside the foundation; gutters, downspouts, terracing, poor window wells, vegetation, poor lot placement, etc.

Probably needs a full sump hole and drainage system installed, and do all of the above.

There is evidence that moisture has migrated under or through the foundation walls of the raised foundation and stood in the crawlspace. This is apparent from a watermark on the foundation walls or piers, stains on the vapor barrier, and/or fissures in the soil. The presence of water in the crawl space is an undesirable condition that can result in serious or long term problems, such as deterioration of the foundation and wood framing components. Therefore, you should consult a grading and drainage contractor or a licensed general contractor with experience in crawl space drainage and moisture control to determine the extent of the concerns and necessary repairs. We also recommend that you observe the crawl space during a period of heavy or prolonged rain prior to the close of escrow or within the contingency period.

Be careful, many of these will need a sealed and conditioned crawlspace conversion to fully correct the issues in addition to other work. It could cost anywhere from $6k to $15k and up depending on the house.

And that price does not included proper mold removal. Sad but true.