Dating a Sears Furnace

Well, i actually don’t want to date it…My wife wouldn’t be very happy with me. It might be a little younger than she is…

Model No: 867.769224
S/N: H611 39071

Usually I would expect the YY/MM to be decipherable from the S/N but these numbers don’t make much sence. It’s a 90% efficient model taking the combustion air from indoors and exhausting the combustion gasses via a PVC exhaust pipe out the side of the home.

Thank you in advance for your help!

I wanted to date a Goettl Heat Pump once !!!

Does it have another mfr name besides Sears/Kenmore? If it is made by Trane or American Standard it could be 1993. I was thinking Sears stuff had a date on their tag… I guess I’m wrong.


I can’t help you with the date, but the manufacturer looks like Tempstar

I guessed it was produced the 3rd week of 1990 just because of the unusual space in the srial number. There was no other manufacturer’s info on the plate. The A/C was a Tempstar with a date code of 1992. So either way I think we’re close.


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The model number is a Sears one, and if I understand the BLACKHORSE date coding corectly from the serial # that would make it a 1986 model.

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If it’s an 86, I would have made a different notation in my report. With furnaces lasting 25 to 20 years, an 86 is at the end of it’s life and it would be a good idea to start budgeting for a new one now rather than waiting a couple of years to start the budget process.

The info sheet on the home included, “Newer furnace, A/C, and electrical.” and I didn’t believe it. That’s why this one is important.


Using BLACKHORSE, I would have agreed with Gerry.

However, I believe you have a newer unit based on three factors: (1) model number, (2) type of serial number, and (3) your description of the unit as a high-efficiency model with PVC exhaust pipe.

Consequently, I’m going with August 2006.

However, I could be wrong. My other choices, in order:

August 1996
June 1986

I’m still going with August 2006. #3 above, to me, really is a defining factor in determining the date.

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Russel, according to Prestons guide Sears stopped using purely numeric model #'s in 1990/1991 and switched to a mixed Alpha-numeric, like yourself I am somewhat surprised to be thinking of a HE furnace from the mid 80’s.



Here’s the plate for the a/c. I think the furnace is in the 90’s. If the furnace and A/C were replaced at the same time this would make sense. But it surely isn’t “newer” unless it was being compared to the age of the house built in 1950.


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Yes, but that was also the time when Sears quit taking “responsibility” for all their stuff (Remember “Satisfaction guaranteed your money back”?), which could be why Sears basically is no more, having been bought out by Kmart and most of their stores now being “Sears Essentials,” which is a laugher.

Virtually everything “made by Sears” is now made by someone else and that someone else also takes responsibility (“Problem with your ________. Just call these folks: __________”) and typically those are the numbers that show up on the Sears nameplates now. Decoding “Sears” is difficult post 1990-91. But as my wise ol’ grandmother said, “It sure is a lot of fun!” :mrgreen: