Day & Night furnace

Could someone please help me. I have a Day & Night LP gas furnace manufactured in Dec 2010. It is 92.1 Energy eff. 115 volts 60 hz, it says direct vent or non direct and has a model number that reads N9MPD050f-12A2. My question is can anyone tell me how many btu’s this thing is? I cant find it written anywhere on the panels. Also would like to know if is single stage or dual stage? Need info to make sure it will be able to heat this house before installing. Thanks so much! Trudi

ANY furnace has the potential to heat a home. You need a service tech to inspect it to see if it will operate and if it is suitable for the home. There’s a lot more to choosing a furnace than “if it will work”.

Call the manufacture with the the model number and hire an HVAC tech to make repairs or install the unit.

I have an old day and night furnace the pilot is lit it has a new cam stat
however the burners keep cycling on and off and suggestions thx

Bring in a HVAC company to evaluate