Dead Front

Im fairly new to home inspections, and I have a question. Do most inspectors choose to open the dead front/ panel cover? The SOP say that this is not required and I understand the benefit of doing so, I would just like to know the opinions of some vets. Thanks Guys!!!

There have been very few of my thousands of panels where I did not remove the dead-front cover. We are being paid to “inspect.”

If it’s safe, take off the cover.

Agreed, I remove every one i can safely remove. That cover hides loads of defects…

But if its dangerous, it aint worth a few hundred $ to possibly get electrocuted. Throw a tester on the dead front to ensure it’s not live, if you have any doubt, then proceed with caution (as one should always proceed in this business).

I agree 100%!! Could you shine some light as to why the SOP would say not to? (other than safety reasons obviously)

and nevermind!! the SOP actually state you don’t have to remove it, if it is not readily accessible. thanks for the time anyway gents!!