Removal of Front Panel Cover

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I am trying to get a feel for how many home inspectors choose to remove a front panel cover versus how many opt not to.

All feedback is appreciated and welcome!


Are you from Ohio?


I’m in Ontario.

Why would you not? A good inspector would.


Got it … seems like a similar situation to climbing roofs … the course material warns against doing so, but in practice it is something that should be done.

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You must have proper training and understand what you are doing! as well as have proper PPE. If you do not, you’re not ready to inspect, imo.

Check your SOP, some require you to inspect the “inside components” of a panel, specifically. Of course, if you feel it’s unsafe (water dripping out of it, too rusted, etc…) then you can make a judgement call and defer to an electrician, but people, in general, pay you to inspect and not defer it. Otherwise, why are they paying you if all you have to do is show up and defer everything.


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You may want to test the dead front with a voltage tester or at least touch it with the back of you fingers quickly.


I always removed the panel cover. I tested it first as Larry mentioned. Only found one that was energized.
I am in Ontario as well.


Thanks Douglas!

Got it Larry … that is going to be the first piece of equipment I buy … thanks! :slight_smile:

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Even though I am from Ohio, :sweat_smile: I always remove the dead front after testing as Doug and Larry said. IMO, it is one of the more important items to check in an inspection. Especially in older homes where a lot of home-owner renovations were done.


Thank you Joseph, much appreciated!

Exactly! The inside of a panel usually gives you a good idea about the rest of the electrical system.


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Enjoying the courses, Martin? :grinning:

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Proper training, yes, just like any system/component at a property.
PPE? lol. Like what? IMO, you do not need any type of PPE properly inspect a panel.

I sure am!! Taking longer than I thought … I keep finding myself looking up various things via YouTube, etc. I’ve never been a contractor (although I did do various things in construction during my younger years) and I want to really know my stuff before I start my business :wink:


Appreciate the input Joshua.

Keep pushing, you’ll get it! :grinning:

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