Dead tree removal.

I had an inspection last week on a 4 acre lot partially wooded that had a large dead tree on the edge of the mowed part of the yard. The tree was too far away to damage the house but could fall in the yard. I have in the past reported dead trees and/or limbs to be removed if they would damage the house when and if they fell. Has anyone reported anything like this? Also where do you draw the line on reporting hazards/problems outside the house?

Yes I do, if there is any potential threat to the home. Typically, for homes on wooded lots, I report any “snags” (dead standing trees) and wooded areas with heavy undergrowth that is within 100 ft, for wildfire protection.
I spent 20 years in the PNW (Pacific NorthWest) and 10 years in Southern California, and this gets drilled into your head pretty quickly by the Fire Depts.

Many people think that here in Southern Minnesota, which is primarily cropland, that there aren’t enough trees to worry about, let alone a wildfire. Did you know that virtually every farmhouse is surrounded by 5 to 20 acres of trees? The State of Minnesota mandates green belts, wind breaks, wetlands, etc… on every open space? That we almost always have moderate winds all year long? This is a product of the “Dust Bowl”.

I report the threats for two reasons… first, they are legitimate and real threats, and secondly, the average person has no clue about them.

Kudo’s for you for adding another layer of protection (knowledge) for your clients.


I call it out because trees are stupid and do not discriminate what it falls on when it does fall. It is just as likely to fall on an unsuspecting person as it is a house. It only adds one line to the report and may save a life. Children like to play under trees.