Exposed Wood

Have any of you seen this application? Wood embedded in the concrete throughout the exterior. My concern is the possibility of WDI damage but aside from that do you see this as a concern?



Vince, I can’t tell from the pic, but if the wood is pressure treated, it shouldn’t be a problem.

yes, by people who didn’t know what they were doing

rot may occur especially at that sprinkler head location

all exposed wood materials should be weather sealed, imo

The problem with treated wood it doesn’t stay treated how ever it prolongs the life. I would say any wood in contact with the ground is a bad idea

What, Wayne said.

LOL well thank you

Exposed wood should either be spanked or exhoneratedor put in a warm moist environment for curing. Jmho:p:p:p

I can speak from personal experience on this one. The addition that was built on the back of my cape cod (about 24x24 2 story) was built on a crawl space, with a cement floor, but on the driveway side the sill plate is about 4" down from the concrete slab. I am now in the process of jacking up the house in order to remove and replace the rotted sill plate.

Agree with others, exposed wood will rot possibly attract WDIs . . . Bobby will be spending a pretty penny to correct . . . as will others who have this same condition.

agreed wood rot, wdi