Dead wires

I’ve been finding a rash of panels, both service and sub panels that have one or two romex wires just left in the panel. Like the circuit breaker was removed and the wires left behind. Sometimes there wire nutted and sometimes not. What is the specific rule on the circuit wires being left in the panel box?

Any wires dead ended in a panel, I note to be removed. If they are not being used, they don’t belong in there. :slight_smile:

I agree with the “common sense” of your comment Marcel, but as long as the box-fill is not exceeded, there’s no requirement (that I am aware of) that they be removed.

Bare ends should be trimmed or capped and the wiring should be “tucked” out of the way as to avoid contact with exposed energized components.

I am with Jeff, I see no reason to remove them. The NEC is silent on this. If the ends were energised they would need to terminate in an accessible junction obx.

Thanks Jeff, and I know what you are saying.
It just never seems to be done right.

If not needed and done like you describe, I recommend to be taken out. :slight_smile:

I guess my statement is being based on some panels I have seen Jim that would create a hazard to anyone working in the panel due to all the deadended wires abound. :slight_smile:

Often times they are spares and labeled as spares, for anticipated future use and termite in a junction box in the attic or crawl space. Not a problem in my view.

Thanks guys apprecieate the insite


What’s the termite used for? :wink:

Terminate. :oops: