Dec 21st after sunset, all you'll need is a clear sky

The North Star. There’s nothing like a little Christmas miracle to inspire cheer after the chaos of 2020. On Dec. 21, people will have the opportunity to experience the same awe as the three wise men when they looked to the sky and saw the “Christmas Star,” or the “Star of Bethlehem,” shining brightly. In an event that has not occurred in almost 800 years, Jupiter and Saturn will appear to almost collide in a phenomenon scientists refer to as a “conjunction,” making them look like an incredibly bright “double planet.” Stargazers merely have to look toward the southwest portion of the sky starting about 45 minutes after sunset on Dec. 21, and the star will be visible at night for an entire week. It’s a reminder of God’s greatest gift, where He revealed Himself in the form of His Son so His servants would know they are the recipients of the deepest love imaginable.


Thanks, Roy, for sharing this!

amen Brother :muscle:…yep

Very nice, Roy! A reminder to us all. :pray:

Nice, Mr. Lewis! :grinning:

Santa’s been using the North Sky for millennium to get gifts to children all around the world.
I heard, but I don’t know how true it is, NASA developed GPS from Rudolf nose.

Thank you for posting this. It is a wonderful reminder of God’s love to us all!!!

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Yes, it is a great posting, Kent!

May the light shine down on you Sir Roy, For you are a wise man. Merry Christmas to you and your family. SAB :grinning:

Still too cloudy here. Hope it clears up tomorrow; my 8 year old is really excited to see this.

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We can see it but it’s not very bright even without clouds.

Saw it with the Binocs. Amazing sight that only lasted a few minutes, then disappeared behind a mountain.

Heavy clouds here to night. :frowning_face:

It is the same here, Joe…bummer.

Merry Christmas Roy and may the light shine above your dwelling. It won’t here with covered skiies.

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Rain, rain and more rain here!

That’s what we had for 2 days until this morning.


Through my binos using my phone


Cool pictures:


Thanks, Martin and Michael! :grinning:

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Thanks Larry, Merry Christmas. Gotta say @mwilles is better.