Deciding on mold air tester

I’m new to mold inspecting and am having a hard time finding recent information on what are good mold air testers to use. Are electric testers an acceptable way to go for a good and accurate reading? They are more affordable from what I can tell. I’m debating between Buck BioAire Pump (for a battery powered) and e-PRO HD ® IAQ (electric). Any tips are appreciated, thanks in advance.


Those are air pumps. They do not “test for mold” and “give you a reading”. They simply move air at a selected rate (e.g. 5 liters per minute or 15 liters per minute, etc.)

Take some classes and learn about what it is that you are sampling before you offer to “test” for mold, because home inspectors do not “test” for mold.

Excuse me for not using the correct terminology. Will both machines “give me a reading” in the same way, or is one a superior choice in your opinion? I’m currently taking the mold course through internachi but I thought it couldn’t hurt to get a little knowledge from those that know more than I do in the mean time.