Deck guard posts

Hello all,
In regards to reporting on notched deck guard posts over rim joists/decking without brackets to the joists. The new code here in Canada states the deck guard posts can’t even be on the outside of the rim joists. Should this be noted in the report as a defect if it doesn’t meet the new code? I understand the “observe and report” of the home inspector and not being code police, but where is the line drawn in such a case? If something is built to code at the time and the code has changed should a recommendation be made in such an instance or should the inspector check for safety of, in this case the deck posts and just move on?


Does it look unsafe to You in it’s present condition ?

No this is just a hypothetical. If I were to see guard posts not meeting code, yet they look safe and feel safe do I even mention this in the report?
If they were unsafe do I recommend them to be looked at by a qualified contractor and not mention the building code requirements? Mark them as defective.
I am still taking the certificate courses.

for me if they looked safe and sturdy they would not have made it into my report, if they looked unsafe in any way my report would have read , recommend repairs by a qualified contractor,…I would not have brought code into it at all… thats just me…


Thanks James, this is good to know.

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Deck guards should be able to resist a 200 lb lateral force at the top rail. So, I bump them with my hip. If the guard is sturdy (no give), it will not make it into the report. If it is weak (moves), I will call out the deficiencies, including lack of post brackets, too large spacing between posts, and so forth. If it is unsafe (no where near resisting 200 lbs), I will red flag it as such.


Thank Brian, appreciate the info.