Metal deck post height

I encountered a deck that sits on four 4x4 metal posts. The diagonal bracing doesn’t go all the across the deck and the height from the ground to the joists is 23 ft. Does the diagonal bracing need to go all the way across the deck? Thanks in advance for any feedback! (post was edited for clarity)

Because of the width of the deck, it would have been more appropriate to have had two diagonals rather than just one. The angles would have been more affective. But with only one, it should have gone to the corner to keep all the joist from racking.
Hope that ledger is well bolted to the structure , at that height.
I don’t see any joist hangers and it is also attached to brick. I’d be questioning that attachment.

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IRC does not allow attaching decks to brick veneer. No joist hangers and racking/side sway needs to be checked. Buckling needs to be checked on the tall columns. I would also have some concerns how the columns at secured at the bottom. That steep hillside at the base of the columns may creep down hill unless they are attached to rock or on deep reinforced concrete piers.

^^^^^What they said.^^^^^

I’d be less concerned about the bracing and more worried about the ledger and the joist span. The posts are essentially holding up the band board (no girder).

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Write hard on that one.

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Also, it is partially attached/supported on cantilevered framing.

A deck that high is a lawsuit waiting to happen. IMHP I would have passed on the whole inspection. Not worth it to me

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I would advise the client to check with the local AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) for the permit to build. May not be one.

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Right on. Most decks are built by weekend warriors. I always recommend ensuring there is C of O on the deck even if the deck appears to be built correctly and professionally.

I heard back from the client. This house had several cracks and some odd floor joists in the basement. I recommended a structural engineer and the client complied. The client states the engineer recommends adding more support to the deck and that the cracks weren’t due to foundation movement, but to the wood framing not being able to properly support the weight.