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In the deck course, if I recall not much was mentioned with regarding stair (stringers) attachment to deck. Would like to see stringer connectors similar to joist hangers. However most of the times the stringers are screwed into the ledger / girder,
See attached,

What would your recommendation be.

Thank you Stair Stringer Attachment

You comment could only be a recommendation.
However, I don’t like the way the flippin’ steps are attached to the so call stringed…Nope!
If it were mine I would like to see hanger brackets installed along with step supports…

What is really bad is when Harry homeowner nails 2x2s on the sides of the stringers and puts the treads on top of those. :shock:

I used to rout/adhesive in my treads and risers and maybe a third stringer…depending.

You mean like this;

Common for interior stairs, but not for exterior around here.

Plus not a system you would use for deck stairs wider than 2’ wide. JMHO

Yeah,thanks Marcel, you’ve got it. I wasn’t thinking deck for some reason. :-|:ack:

When I renovated my living room flooring, the stairs to the upper level were made that way and were 3’ wide, but also had the riser and thread rabbeted and glued. Qhat a b itch to take apart to build new ones. :slight_smile:

I bet that took a while!

Someone I knew bought a gun safe that weighed ~700 lbs. Then he thought about the stairs to his basement where he wanted to put it. the stairs were 2x10 treads with 3 ft. between stringers which were routed to accept the treads. No risers or walls under the stringers or other bracing. The movers saw that and said “Oh, no problem” and wheeled it down those stairs without a hitch. They had about 11 to 1,200 lbs. going down and it held…luckily. :shock:

Inspector oulet also has the balls for free at inspector outlet to test that the spacing is correct.

They were very insistent that we not kill any students.
I used mortised stringers for both Houses of Horrors using 1¾" Microlam stringers and treads, and structural screws, lags, and allthread for mechanical connections,

You could walk an elephant up those stairs. Mortises are about ⅜" deep. Lags and structural screws are pilot-drilled and about 4" long. In a 14’ staircase there are two equal-spaced sections of through-bolted allthread.
It all depends on the materials and design.

That mortise method is actually killer strong Roy, assuming they use the right fasteners. Direct bearing is always stringer than the shear strength of fasteners.

Randy had a good pic posted here on the topic but I can’t find it.

Not going to argue that, but your description is apple and oranges to to picture the OP posted. That is what I was referencing. :slight_smile: