Deck issues

I grabbed this from another message board with the permission of Matt Fellman of Crawford Inspection Services in Oregon.

It always amazes me how many of the decks I inspect have issues.

What do you think about this one?

Deck 2.jpg

Deck 1.jpg

first thing to come to mind is Sally Fields and the flying nun:D
but whats up with the corner dude?

Lovely isn’t it.

Did you notice the hot tub?

That looks pretty scarey Mike.

Marcel:) :smiley:

I wonder how it feels underfoot at the top of the stair.:shock:

It looks kinda like my deer stand. Only not as sturdy.

there is no way that can be fat boy safe…

I wish I had more info. I think Matt was inspecting the house next door.

How about posting some of your own worst deck pics here?

The stairs look mighty steep. The hot tub shouldn’t be a problem…as long as they fill it with helium.

Don’t look if you have a weak heart!
The only deck I would not step a foot on.

Does is sway when you shimmy?:shock:

This one isn’t quite as ridiculous as the other one.
It had nothing other than the joist hangers at the building connection - nothing to prevent upward thrust.

I hate decks! I don’t even get paid extra for them:mad:


It also shimmies when you shuffle. :smiley: sign up for the newsletter, go info

Here’s one of my better ones. :stuck_out_tongue:

Joist hangers will resist some dgeree of upward thrust. I believe that value is given in joist hanger manufacturers’ literature. However, the number is small compared to the downward load-bearing ability. This also assumes that the hanger is nailed exactly according to the hanger manufacturer"s recommendations.