Nice Deck Support....You Like..:)

Hey Guys,

Here is an image of a front porch deck I inspected the other day…see anything wrong with it?..:):roll:


Nice… was that just one or where they all like that ?

ALL were like this…and the Agent cussed me out saying they wont use me again because I am too hard on the old house…lol

Lets just say…this 1800’s circa house gave me more than 50 images to edit.

Oh…also the deck was over 20 feed wide and only (3) of these attached to wall like this holding all the joists up…

I can hear the agent now telling the clients that this deck is so strong it could support a hot tub.:stuck_out_tongue:

Good call Paul.

You dont need agents like that. -X

That is a definately a safety concern and then some.:shock:


Deal Killer.:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

lol…heck that house would kill any deal…BUT the guy did not care he is still buying it…did I mention he was a personal Injury attorney…man my E & O comments may come back to haunt me…lol

I turned on the sink in the bathroom and while it was draining…guess where it was draining to…lol…into the tub beside it…drains were 100% clogged.

In the MLS it said the work shop had 200A service…it was a old 60 fuse service actually…and fed from wires going from the house over the flat roof about 4 feet high…lol…just alot of issues…lol

Walk softly if you go back!


They needed to nail at least one 2x4 under each of those to get raw wood in contact with the soil.

Some of our lazy South Cackalaky termites might have a hard time getting a shelter tube up that high! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

That’s a classic!!

Did you get to see the permit? :roll:

lol…no…they decided against me doing a permit search…lol:twisted: for obvious reasons…

Add one house warming party, a little dancing on the deck and … yikes

I fill out the freedom of information act paper, call the municipality, tell them I have filled out the paper work, ask about about what permits have been pulled for the property and see what comes up, if permits were pulled I list the type and dates and just inform the customer. It has happened on a few occasions that the deal fell through, customer was happy, realtor was pissed, realtor slandered my inspection, customer told the realtor that they were thankful for my complete report and asked the realtor why they were so lack about their saftey. From what I have heard the answer to this question comes back as daaaaaaaaaa.

Customer calls me agin thanks me for the inspection, tells me about realtor. I say gee thats nice, I thought she/he was kind of nice. Customer tells me that they are done with said realtor. They ask me if I know of a ethical realtor, I say yes give them a few names of realtors I fell that will take great care of them, ask them that they should interview them if they consider them. And kaza everyone is happy…

I love return customers.