Want to keep the grandkis

Inspector superheroes…I’m leery of high decks in the first place. Call me scaredycat but I dont like 4x4 posts either. and theyre encased to I cannot see the condition of the post at all, and there not braced. furthermore the extend below the pavers so i have no idea what they rest upon. i know i can say ‘cannot view…cannot inspect nor render any opinion’ but there will be greandkids and fam out on that puppy and i would like to hear what anybody else may think of this
grandpa in MN

I bet that sucker sways in a stiff breeze.

No lateral bracing of any kind.

All it’s missing is the hot tub. :sarcasm:

Nasty accident waiting to happen. IMHO of course

I agree with Michael on this one. The posts are undersized, No beam to support it. The rim joist should have been doubled to act as a flush beam at least. I cannot see how long the 2X10’s are spanned but if they are 16’ then they exceed span tables. Can’t tell if it is bolted to the house or not either. There’s more but I will let others chime in.

I agree I wouldn’t feel safe walking on this deck either, this is defiantly an accident waiting to happen and immediate attention is needed before serious injury or death occurs.

Also looks like (rusted) roofing nails at hangers.

Those bottom posts look really really yummy, it looks like ground contact right the wood.

Termites will eat pressure treated 4x4’s, especially the center.
Redwood will eventually succumb also where wet.
The cladding will just hide the action until the failure.