Deck joist connected directly to house band?

I was inspecting this house this morning and the deck joists appear to be attached directly to the rim joist (house band) via deck joist hangers. There is a ledger board attached to rim joist with ledger bolts where the deck stairs are, but for only 36 inches (the entire width of the deck is roughly 15 ft.).

I haven’t seen a deck installed like this, but I’m assuming there might be a support issue as well as water intrusion issues. Please advise. Thanks guys.

I don’t see that.

The rim joist of the deck is attached to the house joist, but it is not to sole joist (i beleive for this vantage point).

It even looks like they flashed it (hard to find around here)!

It is flashed correctly.

Looks alright to me. :slight_smile:

Look closer guys…

looks like they used screws on a couple of those hangers…left hanger, left interior…

Can you blow that up any more…


And if you really want to get nit-picky, the lag bolts should be staggered…

Not being nit picky Jeff…if in fact they are screws then you should know that screws are not an acceptable method in attaching joist to hangers.

If nails there is one missing also, but that was not part of the question.
And the lags are wrong and what is that bolt for?:slight_smile:

Didn’t mean to infer that *you *are being nit-picky with the (possible) screws. I agree with you. My post was stand-alone to the lag bolts. I call out non-staggered lags. Many inspectors argue that it is not necessary to stagger, (as long as lags are used, good enough), and being nit-picky.

I just finished a Pergola in the city of Burbank and if you are familiar with So. Cal you know they are very strict. I used two 1/2 x 5" lags 32" O C and did not stager them. The plan was engineered. I try to cover all my joist hangers and did use joist nails on the one even tho it was not called out on the plan. What to you guys have against screws :slight_smile:

For you electrical guys under the artificial turf is the famous grid bonding system :slight_smile:

Poor shear strength. Screws are not approved by the manufacturer in joist hangars. There is a specialty screw that is okay instead of lag bolts, but they still should be staggered. They are pretty obvious when you see them. I’m sure Marcel or someone else will jump in with the name of the screws, and more info. As far as your project and it being engineered, first question is by whom? Doesn’t really matter, as they technically take responsibility if it fails. That is assuming it actually was, and have the papers to prove it. None-the-less, I call out what I deem to be a safety issue. Everyone else can hash out the details. My job is done.

The only equivalent to lags for ledger boards.

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Thanks Marcel. I knew you would come through. :smiley:

Let me bump into this thread.

What do you think about this?

FYI on screws being used to attach hangers. Simpson Strong Tie company manufactures screws specifically for that application. (SDS wood screws) and some of their hangers specify that those screws be used in lieu of nails

Thanks for the info Mark. Are these a relatively new product?

They’ve been available for about a year. I’ve only seen them used once. Identified by the hex head and number stamp. These are the only ones I know of that are approved for hangers.

Strong-Drive® SD Screw for Structural Connectors

Those hangers are nailed with roofing nails. Z-flashing should be installed behind the ledger that extends down over the siding. It’s a defective installation.