Deck ledger applied over vinyl siding

Second one this week. I suppose it saves on flashing? What if anything would anyone say about it?

I say that it’s wrong and it will be prone to moisture intrusion


I say that it’s improperly installed and not allowing ledger board to be tightly installed against the structure and prone to premature failure

Great! Thanks all

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Mine is like that and the basement window under the deck leaks when it rains.

This was from Friday’s inspection, I could put 4 fingers behind the ledger board at both ends.

Simple and easy solution. Make it free standing, this is best anyways as there is zero chance of damages to the home.

This pic from an inspection about a week ago…it’s just about ready to let go!

That’s not going to solve the moisture intrusion problem.

Figure 21 on Troys Pdf and then adding repairs to the house. No issue after it is done correctly.

Lol lost in the sauce again Kevin? That’s not going to stop the moisture intrusion problem.

Did you give a “test” (rock it a little while standing on it)? :mrgreen: