Deck ledger patchwork

Hello, I’m looking for opinions on this patchwork on a deck ledger. The lag bolts on the rest of the ledger appeared adequate but then there was this section where it looks like two boards have been patches together and it doesn’t look very sound.



Looks fine to me as the ledger on the left looks to be about 10’ long or more, so they joined 2 together.
My question or concern would be the ledger over the siding but can’t tell for sure from here.

Light on lag screws but I see no problem other than that.

See pages 15, 16 and 17, or so…

Lag bolts looks a little small but could just be the picture. Don’t see any washers.
The screws at the plate are the wrong type and improper. Needs proper nails or approved screws (and those aren’t).

Is that full stucco or EIFS?
Any flashing? Here is a good article on proper installation at existing stucco.

Great catch Stephen.
Back and counter flashing missing.
Bad ledger installation from the get go but I can not see behind the assembly.

Green building sciences.

I have seen the ledger board placed prior the EIFS.
Right on the framing laminated out to meet the system.

Remember you can/do not compress EIFS.
Ron Huffman is an InterNACHI EIFS educator and long time INACHI educator.

Thanks for the PDF.
Best file I have seen yet on wooden decks.
Much appreciated.

The wood looked soft a bit to me, probably from the missing flashing. It looks like some fungus growing up in the corner. I see the lag bolts as being too few and questionable. I’m pretty sure this was mounted to the stucco, it was d.i.y. project. Who knows how much moisture has gotten to it. It’s EIFS siding.

Looks fine to me. Standard for years was one half-inch lag every 24 inches, not in the same grain line., with two at board ends. The plate is above and beyond what’s required and although it looks like it’s fastened with deck screws, which are wrong, it’s still plenty strong. Installed over the stucco, it doesn’t need flashing. Flashing is required where the ledger interrupts the exterior wall-covering material only.
The concern with ledgers installed over EIFS is over-tightening of the lags, which can crush the foam.

Keith, are you sure it’s EIFS? It’s not very common in California.