Wood Balcony on Stucco

2012 condo.

I know fasteners are too few and too small

Do you need flashing when attached to stucco?

Thanks for the help!

IMO, yes, you must protect the ledger from moisture damage. But I really hate those ledger fasteners, especially with the stucco between the ledger and the rim band. (in my area, no cladding can be between the ledger and the rim band)


Is that EIFS?

EIFS.pdf (372.4 KB)

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ah ok, i forgot about these fasteners. so these are probably whats used and just as good as 1/2" lag screws?

any idea what can be done about the ledger flashing at this point?

Convert it to a free standing deck would be my cure. Least intrusive and most reliable, IMO.

Edit: You should still protect the ledger, but I just don’t trust the attachment. Here is an option.


really not sure how to tell if its efis or stucco, honestly. here are some other photos, if you think you can tell.

Knock test is one way. EIFS is Styrofoam with a coating. Stucco is solid. Best way to tell is if you can see a cut edge, usually along the ground.


Thank you! that link was a good reminder.

At the end it says this: Lag bolts should be tightened but only as tight as the socket wrench lets you. Do not over tighten lag bolts. I guess that’s what you’re referring to, its easy to over tighten it?

That’s part of it. But I prefer the positive connection and spread that a bolt, nut and washer provides. IMO, lags or screws are inferior to a thru bolt. But I understand, these lags are popular in various parts of the country. Lags are not widely used in my area. I think GA inspectors are just not approving them.


Gotcha, makes sense. Just for context, that can be done by knocking out a portion of the ceiling inside and drilling through the rim joist & wall, right?

And how about the flashing, can that be installed without removing the balcony temporarily?

Take a look at this? Overtightened? Likely, see how they are embedded? Also, they are not staggered.


yea i noticed that. ill mention it in the comment about adding fasteners

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In my opinion the flashing is more to protect the framing of the home, than it is to protect the ledger board or the exterior finish.

Any wood framed home with a deck ledger should have flashing to keep moisture from getting to the bolts.
The only time I do not call it out is when the ledger board is attached to block or concrete that is part of the foundation wall.


thanks, that’s what i was thinking.

Oh hell no!!

They may be “stronger” than a 1/2" lag screw (cough-cough-cough)… but they ARE NOT an equal replacement for them!!
Note the Installation REQUIREMENTS… including the SPACING O/C of the fasteners!!



• The LedgerLOK is not designed for attachment to masonry/concrete
or over stucco, siding, rigid foam insulation or brick veneer.


The fasteners are typically the weakest link, and should always be investigated for applicable use.


It is actually an easy narrative. Improper or substandard ledger attachment. Then write harder about critical connection and possible failure resulting in damage or personal injury blah blah.


yea, it is. just nervous first time homebuyers

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