Deck Attachment

Need opinion on the attachment of deck to home. This home had concrete block piers with brick and wood siding exterior. Deck ledger board was attached to home with lag bolts attached to brick facade. Had additional support in the middle of the deck. No movement/cracks in brick was observed. What comments should be made about this installation if any? I am attaching some photos.

Some observations from my end. I’d state 4"x4" as a deficiency since 4x4 posts can twist under load. Also, I’m quite curious if the posts have footings or are they just bearing directly on the concrete?

Brick FACADE or brick VENEER?

Deck ledger board can’t be attached/supported either way. With this one, beam in the center, it’s almost self supporting, but??

Correct. Was just curious so as to best understand what he was looking at. Couldn’t be sure from the pic’s.

Beam is not at correct distance to ledger to be a free-standing support. First thing I looked at. Add another beam within a couple of feet of the wall, and would (probably) be good to go.

But… we’re not on-site to give a proper determination of the situation, so all is simple “wondering out-loud”.

I here you. It’s hard to give a solid opinion on many that are posted here without a more detailed and Accurate description.

Like you I’d recommend installing another post/beam a foot or so from wall.

Both are correct but might not describe the same component.
Brick facade; the front brick.
Brick veneer; Non-structural brick.

That is a cantilevered deck support.
Deck live load = 40 psf, deck dead load = 10 psf

Deck connection:
The lateral load connection required by Section R507.1 shall be permitted to be in accordance with Figure R507.2.3. Where the lateral load connection is provided in accordance with Figure R507.2.3, hold-down tension devices shall be installed in not less than two locations per deck, and each device shall have an allowable stress design capacity of not less than 1500 pounds (6672 N).

a. If my memory serves me well. after (6) six feet post must be (6) inch wooden posts.

Cantilever support requires lam-beams to span that distance.

Observation: Inaproperate laterial load connections. amateurish cantilever, poor component connections.
Recommend: A licensed GC observe the wooden cantilevered deck and make any necessary corrections to ensure the cantilevered wooden deck is compliant with current multiple building codes.
Limitations. I do not have the patience to track down all the defects:-)

Brick Veneer.

                  1. Can’t attach to brick with lag bolts. I see what looks like a wood wall (1st photo) for most of the length of the ledger, and lags would work find with that depending on the fastening schedule, which can’t be seen from this photo.
  1. I’d have no problem with 4x4 posts. It’s very common.
  2. It looks like the girder is about 4’ from the exterior wall and 8 feet from the outside, which is 2/3 supported and 1/3 cantilevered, so I’d have no problem with that.
  3. 3rd & 4th photos are labeled “Deck bolts” and if that’s what’s attaching the deck to the home, it’s a through–bolt, not a lag, but in about 4’ of wall, I only see one bolt, which is not enough.

Attachment looks inadequate to me but it’s hard to tell since the photos don’t really show the attachment method well.

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The photos appear to show two different decks.

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I concur.

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It appears as though the ledger is attached to CMU’s.

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