Deck ledger strip 2018 IRC question

Hey all, inspection student here,

I just finished the deck inspection class which I noticed said that ledger strips holding up joists are okay:

Does anyone know if they changed that in the 2018 IRC?

I found this:

R507.5.1 Joist bearing. Joist bearing shall be provided in accordance with Section R502.6 and fastened to the beam in accordance with Table R602.3(1) and to the joist hangers per the manufacturer. Joist hangers shall have a capacity as specified in Table R507.5.1.

This makes it sounds like every joist attached to a beam MUST be attached with a joist hanger. If that’s the case, a ledger strip alone would not be enough to support the joists. Or am I misreading here?

If true, do we need to change the training materials in the class? Also, how would you address this in a report?


“New and safer joists connections require…”


the training I think is not showing the ledger beam is the only thing holding up the joists, the joists would also be nailed to the ledger, this training is just showing different ways it can be attached. As with the new 2018 code Yes joist hangers are to be used on every joist. but on a older house , it was code when it was built if it looks good. we are not code police. We cant call out items that are no longer code. as it was when it was built.

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I see. I guess as long as it’s in good shape, there isn’t necessarily a defect to report, though it’s still worth mentioning the “newer and safer connections” Larry mentioned.

Thanks for the clarification everyone.

Wrong thread!

You might want to check the no permit required (page 5) with your local building authority.

Not me. It would still be safer…IMHO.

It won’t be any safer if you do it without a permit and you need one! It will only be more expensive (fines for permits after the fact). I can see newbies telling people they don’t need a permit based on that information (and be wrong).

You got that one, Bob. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: