Decks joists not attached with joist hangers

I have inspected a couple of homes in my area and they have not had joist hangers. I thought I had been told these are required on all decks regardless. This is in both Alabama and Tennessee. The deck im writing about today had little trim boards under the joists I assume to level and hold the beam until it was nailed into place. My question is do I call it out? Is this acceptable practice and I have just missed it somewhere in my training?

This picture is from the outside of the deck. View from the yard.

Here’s the deck bible.

See page 14.

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The DCA-6 is the document that the actual CODE is based on. If it’s not in the DCA-6, and it’s not a local revision, then it doesn’t exist in the codes (99.9999% of the time)!

Also it looks as though the ledger might be attached through the brick veneer, see page 15 figure 17.

I had one like that last year. I called it out, posted it, and a couple people on here laughed and called it old school. Old school, no school decks require permits and work that doesn’t conform to code was probably non-permitted. Write it up.

Those little trim boards are ledger strips. That is an old-school technique.

I’m more concerned about the 2x4 props along the facade walls. Really hope they’re not taking any load. And photo 2 appears to show a single-member support beam. That would be no bueno in my book. And you should have confirmed that the checking in photo 4 didn’t translate through the member. That would have been no bueno also.

I agree, except that I’m OK with single member support if the span is small enough.
If those 2x4s are bearing on part of the foundation, they’re eventually going to decay and crush where they’re on contact with soil.
I see they went across a window, too. I’f it protrudes above the deck surface it should have tempered glass.