deck nail

Does anyone recognize this type of nail, its 10d and used in power nailers.

A new house had lots of these used in deck components and I am trying to find out if they are rated for this new treated lumber.


Are you able to determine what material it is made of… SS, Galv, etc… ???

Its galvanized but unable to tell if its hot dipped galv.

I’ve given up trying to figure that out Bruce. If you make a big deal out of it and you’re wrong, it makes you look bad. Whatever it is, it will last longer than the wood most likely. Bolts where needed to prevent sudden failure.

Compatibility Code: J. These Maze Stormguard double hot-dipped galvanized ring shank nails meet the requirements of the IBC and the ICC for use with ACQ pressure-treated lumber. D03-H200 and D03-G203 have 40 nails per strip while the D03-J304 has 35…**?m=1&g=1

The Paslode 650431 2-Inch x 0.113-Inch Round Head Framing Nails work with the Paslode IM325CT 900420 Cordless Angled Framing Nailer and the Paslode F-350S 501000 PowerMaster Plus Pneumatic Framing Strip Nailer.?? The Paslode 650431 nails are collated with ToughTape, which allows for 20% more nails per strip than plastic-strip nails.?? They also produce less waste on the jobsite for you to clean up.??*?m=1&g=1