Roof Deck Screw Nail- 6 or 8

I know this style has been mentioned. Townhome built 2003 tile roof. (i know I need a new ruler:shock:). Damm its cool out today!



How do you know they didn’t re-drive the nails?

Looks like a twist nail. #6

First, I have that ruler and dont use it because the measurement starts a heavy 1/8" in from the edge. So if add 3/16" to you measurement and figure on angle it may read closer to 1 7/8" which with 5/8" plywood would make it 8d. Also, 2003 the would be nailing with 8d ( a lot that measure 2 3/8") at that time. Get a new ruler and go back if you need.

Preston- Where did u pick up ur ruler? Thks man. That is what I was going with!

Lowes has the steel rulers I like. I think made by general and cost about $2. The one in your picture we got from office depot.


I was thinking about having a custom ruler made with different starting points for different deck thickness. It would hve a label for 6d and 8d. It should be a dark color for picture taking in the attic.

Would you be interested?

This is the best one to use


I would be for sure!! Thnks guys for the feedback!

Stay warm…

John… you better wait for The Meeker’s approval first. It doesn’t sound as if it will be anti-statically charged and lightning proof for use in those attics down there !!! :shock::wink:

I have the yellow three foot one from Lowes.

Russom2 (137) (Custom).JPG

I’ll order a ruler, John. Anything to eliminate mistakes and look better and I’m for it.

LOWES SPECIAL :slight_smile: I try to keep a extra so when I lose them. Bonner told me about them.

Good point.

John I personally do not want the insurance people having it that easy. There are a great many times that if would be a hair over or under due to angles and such and the insurance folks would bust out balls every time they could.

I like the one from Lowe’s and I just shove it in take the picture mark the box and attach the photo. The photo is never labeled. I do not state exact measurement because everywhere you do it it will be slightly different.

I think the idea would ultimately be used against homeowners and inspectors.

Just think about what a dangerous tool that would be in the hands of the Evil Re-Inspectors :twisted: Spooky

My official stamp is below :slight_smile:


Just think.
With my record of things going my way they will be on shelves and you’re gonna be a zillionaire by this time next year :slight_smile:

8 d, when angle and roof deck thickness factored in.

Wait one minute, I will shoot another nail so you can all guess what size it is! :wink:

joannas bratt 2208 044.jpg

LOL…good one Alfred.