Deck on Garage (New Construction).. OUCH

Hey lets have a party on my new deck…Careful not to touch the Weather head… Geez… why not use metal hand railings too:roll::shock:

I am guessing here they will use some sort of wood panel fencing… maybe… I will check later…:wink:

Any comments from our board Sparkies??



230.9 Clearance from Building Openings.
(A) Clearance from Windows. Service conductors installed as open conductors or multiconductor cable without an overall outer jacket shall have a clearance of not less than 900 mm (3 ft) from windows that are designed to be opened, doors, porches, balconies, ladders, stairs, fire escapes, or similar locations.

A deck is in there somewhere. As long as you are 3’ away, leaning over the rail, you are barely legal. If it is not a solid barrier you would measure from the closest opening. As long as the fence in the area of the service is solid they should be fine.