Meter Clearance?

Yesterdays insection had the meter pan within inches of the rear exterior door. I was immediately going to call it out as within three feet, however, I can not find any reference for door clearance, only windows. Even code check mentions decks & balconies, windows, but not doors. Am I missing something?


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says nothing in the IRC book, I don’t have the NEC book. Will get back

I don’t think the rule is there to find. There are rules about the service drop but not the meter

1)If your electric meter will be
under a deck, the deck must be at
least 7 feet high.
2)There must be 36 inches of
unobstructed space in front of
the meter.
3)There must be a 36-inch
wide unobstructed travel path in
front of the meter.
4)There must be at least
2 inches of space on both sides
of the meter.
5)No structure may be built
around the meter, except for
approved meter rooms.
6)Doors or windows cannot be
within one foot of the meter.
7)Meters located inside fenced
areas must have gate access.

Why is it a problem? The door could open on it I suppose or someone could hit it when entering, but why windows? To protect the burglar who’s looking for something to get a leg up?

Brian, do you have a citation for all that? Where did it come from?

I was doing a search on building a deck and the requirments for a meter location awhile back and found these statments on the internet. I just copied them to a file for future reference, so I don’t remeber exactly where I got this info. I don’t have the NEC code book, so I may be wrong???

There is no violation pictured.

Those sound like POCO rules

Agreed…I don’t see a problem with this installation. Atleast from what is seen in the picture…

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Hey Paul, I just use this as a guide line when doing side work. What restrictions are there when it comes to meter locations, and where may I find this. Thanks

Brian, the code only talks about working space. Your POCO (power company) are the one’s who make the more restrictive rules on that. I think your POCO is Metropolitan Edison, so their rules are here:

Exhibits #3, 4, and 5 in their rules book are 90% of what you’ll run into as a home inspector.

If your POCO isn’t MetEd, repost with who it is, and I can get a link to their rules book for you, if you’re interested.

[FONT=Verdana]Doors or windows cannot be within one foot of the meter.

Check out…**Guidelines for building decks, fences & additions: **at](


Where’d that information come from? It’s certainly not part of any model code.

Thanks David, this is where I found this information awhile back ago. Again this I don’t think is code, just a reference I use.

I agree. That is some local POCO’s own requirements.

Upon researching even more, I can not locate any national codes that state socket meter requirements adjacent to openable doors.

I did happen to locate additional local codes which do include different meter socket clearances adjacent to an openable door.

With this in mind, I would still recommend moving meter to a safer location, due to any mechanical damage that could result in the long run.

The ONLY purpose that would serve would be to give the potential buyer ammunition to ask for a lower price.