Deck posts on 4" concrete slab

Would you call it out? (I know how I will address it…just wondering about you.)

030511 173.JPG

I definitely did call this out…posts not anchored. Twisting.

030511 219.JPG

I had a similar one which was supporting a porch roof.



Does anyone report the slab as being four inches without checking the actual thickness?

I use a long screw driver.

Are you able to confirm that the slab is only 4’ below the posts? Are you sure the slab is not thickened or there is no footing below the slab?

Obviously I meant 4", not 4’.

I try to confirm using a long screw driver. I word my narrative to say “appears to be less than 12” below grade" (that’s what a foundation is required to be here.

Without this

you get this

I love the logo Robert!

The house I inspected yesterday had nearly the same setup. So what’s the verdict? Do tell. Thanks in advance. FWIW, I wasn’t going to write up anything.

I would absolutely call it out not that the slab can not support the compressive load of the deck, but as you correctly pointed out in one of your other posts it is not technically a slab when it is supporting a load but a “footing” and is required to be 12" into undisturbed soil plus what ever frost line condition.

Yep. That’s how I see it.

Care to share a narrative? Slab thickness unknown. Thanks

If you didn’t probe it, then I’d either go back out there or not say anything. To call it out and also say “slab thickness unknown” could put someone in the spot of having to pay for a contractor to do what you should have done.

May want to call it a learning experience and not say anything in this case.