Deck question call out on reports


Been coming across this faulty design more and more on decks improperly supported on the column.

Correct is below.

My question is on the call out. Would you call this a critical error? Been using

-Family room (or deck) outer girder improperly attached to 4x4 support columns see photo

Recommend review and repair by a Qualified Contractor

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For what it’s worth… this can be a local thing. I’ve seen areas where carriage bolts are OK for 2-2X’s on either side of post is OK, situation/design depending. Maybe a quick call to local building and safety in your area?

If we were talking about a deck or balcony bearing on the first design, with live and snow loads… I’d say it is a defect, or at least recommending the client verify the improvement was permitted, nearly every time. I’m fortunate that the typical approved designs in my area are available at the counters or online.

Not as bad as a kerfed post that was over cut and started splitting.

If Improper, Note as Improper…